Zoe MacQueen – Scotland


Zoe is currently studying a six month course in fashion design and pattern construction at the Jacqui Burke Fashion School in Dunbar. Her interest in fashion, design and sewing began when she studied fabric and fashion at grammar school. After leaving school she purchased her own sewing machine and made clothes for herself and her two children.

Zoe’s inspiration came from Mary Queen of Scots and the dresses of the time. As Mary Queen of Scots is one of Scotland’s most famous royals, and someone who spent a great deal of time at Edinburgh Castle, Zoe looked at a variety of gowns from that time period. She wanted to modernise the style of dress found in Stewart/Tudor times while keeping elements of the gowns that inspired her design. She also wanted to use the tartan in a new and creative way that enhanced both the dress and the tartan, and which used the tartan to its full potential. Having looked into the Greyfriars Tartan and why it was created, Zoe was excited about being able to use fashion as a way to help others. She also wanted to challenge herself to do something new and creative, while testing her skills and finding out what other people think of her designs.

Zoe’s design is a dress which comes to just above the knee. The bottom of the dress is a full circle skirt with a tulle underskirt. The skirt is primarily tartan with a godet at the front in blue silk which matches the blue colour in the tartan. The skirt has a red lace trim around the bottom, along the edges of the godet, and along the bottom of the top half of the dress. The top of the dress is a fitted corset, made of tartan and boned with a satin lining. Attached to the corset is a blue silk piece which fills in from the bust to the shoulders, with a slight plunge in the neckline to match the shape of the corset. This is made from the same material as the godet in the skirt. The back of the dress is laced together with red and green ribbon to match the colours of the tartan. The dress has tartan sleeves with an asymmetric red lace cuff.