Shruti Grover – India


Piece Title: Inno-Tartan-Vative

Shruti is an undergraduate in her final year studying fashion design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in India. Shruti loves to experiment with new fabrics and that is what her graduation collection is going to be about. She is extremely passionate about her work and wants to get into the fashion industry as soon as possible. She loves experimenting and exploring with new fabrics and dyeing techniques, surface developments or treatments on fabrics.

Shruti was inspired by the conventionality of the fabric, which made her want to design non-conventional pieces with it. She entered the competition because of the Greyfriars Tartan itself as she believes that tartan is a legacy. She describes it as an intriguing fabric with so much history attached to it, and she also thought it would be a fun project to work on. Shruti enjoyed learning about the fabric and experimenting with it as she has never had the chance to do that with tartan before; this is one of the things that excited her most about the competition. She describes tartan as an almost alien like concept to an Indian girl like her, who hardly gets to see it in stores in India and has never worn it. When she heard about the Greyfriars Design Competition and researched more about the tartan, she thought it would be a great opportunity to experiment and come up with something new, while working with an authentic tartan from Scotland.

Shruti has experimented with the tartan by reflecting it under organza and cut-out leather, using it with a completely green fashion garment, and through creating romanticism by placing hand printed vintage rose prints on the tartan. In one garment she has tried to put the tartan in under a ‘shadow’ to create a transparency effect under organza, in a totally structured jumpsuit. In another look, she has tried to incorporate softness and femininity by painting abstract roses on the tartan. The whole look consists of an LBD with hand painted roses, paired with a loose jacket to suggest a romantic peek-a-boo of tartan and roses. She has tried to be innovative through combining machine work and hand work to create something new out of the tartan, which to her is what the competition was all about.