Senial Jaishani – England


Piece Title: Scottish Androgyny

Senial is currently studying a Masters in Fashion Design at the University of Southampton and enjoys studying art and design. Originally from India, Senial loves Indian craft and tries to incorporate her learning from previous experiences into all of her designs.

After recently moving to the UK, Senial visited Scotland and researched the tweeds and tartans found here. Senial’s research project for the university is also tartan and she plans on incorporating the Greyfriars Tartan into this project.

Senial was inspired by the new romanticism movement that started in the early 1980s. During this movement, both sexes often dressed in counter-sexual or androgynous clothing. The androgynous influence from the movement is incorporated in Senial’s design, as well as taking the kilt from the Scottish influence as one of the inspirations for her design. The pleated techniques of the kilt create a romanticised feel and are used to manipulate the different sections of the colour blocks in the Greyfriars Tartan. She describes her designs as simple and sleek.