Kimberly Irvine – Scotland


Piece Title: Tartan Army

Kimberly is in her final year studying fashion technology at Cardonald College in Glasgow. After she completes her studies her dream is to attend Heriot-Watt University’s fashion campus. She spends most of her spare time making garments for herself, friends and family, which has also gained her other customers and resulted in people becoming familiar with her work. Kimberly is willing to do whatever it takes to make it in the fashion industry as it has been a dream of hers since a young age.

Kimberly’s designs were inspired by Alexander McQueen, as she believes he made tartan look edgy, taking it far from anything it would have been traditionally used for. One piece that also inspired one of her designs is a puffball dress that she saw on various celebrities, but that was worn in different ways. Kimberley entered this competition as she was drawn to the name ‘Greyfriars’; as a child, Greyfriars Bobby was one of her favourite stories. She was also excited that the designs would be involving tartan as it is one of her favourite fabrics. Kimberley enjoys using tartan to create innovative and ‘out of the box’ designs, instead of using it for more traditional garments.

Kimberly’s first dress encompasses a puffball style skirt with two plunging necklines, cup top halves that continue over the back and attach at the waist. The top has a black tulle overlay over the tartan. Under the skirt are layers of black tulle which hang slightly longer than the tartan so they can be seen.

The second dress has the same top half as the first, but the fitted, panelled skirt has an empire line with two front splits.