Kerri Plumtree – England


Piece Title: Lifting the Veil.

Kerri is a part time undergraduate studying fashion at the University of Lincoln. She currently spends her time volunteering on university open days, meeting and greeting prospective students and telling them all about the fashion course. She is also a regular contributor to, writing weekly articles.

Kerri’s two favourite designers, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen have both worked with tartan in fun and exciting ways and she wanted to set herself a challenge to create something as beautiful as their work. Showing her work in a public arena and gaining publicity and recognition also made her excited about the competition.

Kerri’s design has been adapted for the Greyfriars Tartan competition from a collection she designed which was inspired by metaphysics and noetic science. The collection was an examination of consciousness and collective intelligence. She chose to adapt this collection for the tartan project due to the heritage and tradition of tartan which ties into the whole concept of unity, identity and belonging.

Kerri’s design is a sleeveless dress with a high structured collar that runs over the shoulder and down the back. The dress has a panelled front and fullness added into the skirt, with godets giving a luxurious drape and plenty of movement, and is longer at the back than at the front. The dress is fully lined with an exposed zip at the back and is accessorised with a tartan flat cap, also lined and hand finished. The contrasting colours in this design pick up the accent colours within the Greyfriars Tartan. Kerri has tried to create a design for country folk and city dwellers alike. A dress that can be rocked with a killer pair of heels or wellies!