Jessica-Jane Wearing – Scotland


Piece Title: Patron Tartan

Jessica-Jane is currently studying fashion at Heriot-Watt University. At 18 years old, she describes herself as young and innovative and as someone who tries to look at everything with an open mind. Jessica-Jane grew up and became determined and self-disciplined which led to her knowing what she wanted to do from a young age. She comes from a creative background, having played five musical instruments, and is also a figure skater. Jessica-Jane always uses organic fashion in some form within her work. Whether it is in the form of shapes, prints, moods, colours or a starting/finishing point, organic fashion will be linked in, even though sometimes it is not obvious to the eye.

Jessica-Jane is a country girl at heart, and this is where she gets her inspiration from. Her designs for this competition were influenced by combining classic tailoring with high fashion from spring/summer 2015. Entering this competition has allowed her the ability to discover her own creative capabilities while still understanding the commercial aspect of the design process and the use of a tartan.

Her collection involves cropped and layered panels of tartan and cotton fabrics. The high waists and swathes of fabrics pieces together in an almost patchwork fashion to create a twist on a traditional style, and classic collars and cuffs are combined with a modern body. Abstracted and curiously cut hemlines are finished off with topstitching in a contrasting colour, with a colour pallete extracted from the tartan to pull the collection together. The collection features bold cuts and cropped lengths, creating a new fitted silhouette. This was created through dart manipulation and featuring panels and shapes in different directions to create the same fitted silhouette. The attachments within the designs are kept to the original theme of classic, similar to the inspiration of colours from the tartan. Jessica-Jane chose to use the tartan in an angled way as it followed suit with the angular shapes used within the collection, and was originally inspired by a more graphic and modern take on the leaves, developed from the green within the tartan. The theme within the collection was classic originality with a modern twist, giving designs that were inspired by the past a present outlook within a high fashion couture collection.