Hanin Nabilla Nurrahmani – Indonesia


Piece Title: Through Time

Hanin, aged just 15, is from Yogyakarta, in Indonesia, and is a pupil at Senior High School. Her hobbies are playing piano, drawing, reading, photography, listening to music and watching movies. Hanin has never studied fashion design but taught herself from reading books and searching the internet. The Greyfriars Design Competition is her second fashion design competition after previously entering the St. Andrew’s Young Designer Awards.

Hanin decided to call her design “Through Time” as, unlike other traditional patterns and fabrics, tartan has survived through the Clans Period until modern times. Previously, tartan fabric was only used by Scots but now it is used by everyone all over the world. Hanin entered the Greyfriars Tartan competition in order to challenge herself with the tartan theme and she believed it would be an excellent experience as it is a worldwide competition.

Hanin’s first design, Countess Black, is about the toughness of women. It is based on Black Agnes’ story where she refused to leave the castle, even though the army was surrounding it. The tulle on the head is also a flower crown and is likened to Black Agnes’ in one of her pictures. The jacket is white, with two black openings that can be used as pockets. The Greyfriars Tartan is included on both wrists, on the collar and the skirt. The skirt is asymmetrical with flowing ends and the inside is black. Her second design, Grey Biby, is based on Greyfriars Bobby. At the shoulder is white fur. From the fur hangs the tartan which is tied at the waistline using a white band. The front side of the body is covered by a u-lined neck dark grey tank top. The skirt is also Greyfriars Tartan. Above the half thigh, the tartan is puffed and below that it is loose, touching the ground. The designs represents the idea that tartan can be worn by everyone, not just Scots.