Emiah Elliott – Wales

Piece Title: Steel Blossoms

Emiah is in her second year studying Fashion Apparel Design and Construction at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. Emiah describes herself as a creative person after studying art, graphic design and textiles in school, and she would like to work in a challenging and creative environment where she can use her artistic skills. She loves fashion design as it provides her with an opportunity to transform the human form into a work of art.

She decided to enter the Greyfriars Tartan Design Competition due to the brief, which she found to be extremely interesting. The free-style brief enabled her to fully develop her ideas and allow the creative process to run. This was her first opportunity to create a garment using only tartan and she was interested to see how she could challenge herself using a limited amount of one material while still creating an interesting garment. She also saw it as a good opportunity to step on the ladder of her fashion career. Alexander McQueen is one of her favourite designers, and he used a considerable amount of tartan in his designs, so she believes this was a good opportunity to see what designs she could create herself. She sees this as a chance to raise her profile and for her work to be showcased on an international level. The inspiration for her design came from roses and thorns. She takes her inspiration from the environment, with its details, patterns and colour palettes. The natural world is the main source of inspiration in her work.

Emiah’s design is a floor length gown. She has tried to create a modern, fresh look to the garment while using a traditional fabric. The shape of the garment hugs the body and flares out at the bottom, displaying the colours and pattern of the Greyfriars Tartan. The roses on the garment are made from the Greyfriars Tartan, and the thorns are represented by metal studs. She wanted to show a contrast between the romantic side and the more sinister, edgy side in her design, reflecting the delicate rose and the more dangerous thorn.