A Year in the Life of Greyfriars Tartan

A Year in the Life of Greyfriars Tartan

This has been an outstanding year in the life of Greyfriars Tartan! If we think about where we started  (an idea in the mind of one of our members, to design our very own tartan) we have certainly come a long way. Our members are becoming more and more proficient at making our products, and this year we have seen some very exciting partnerships and orders. Here are some of the things that have happened:

We dressed the Lothian Gaelic Choir
Jackie Cotter, the choir conductor has been a lady on a mission, to get her singers wearing Greyfriars Tartan, for over a year! Well, after much discussion and a bit of fundraising, the choir was able to make an order for long tartan skirts for all the female singers. It was like a dream come true to our members to see these come to materialise. And don’t they look smart?



We  partnered up with Walker Slater

We happen to be neighbours with one of the very sophisticated Walker Slater shops in the Grassmarket. Partnering up with them was a wonderful opportunity for our members to use off cuts of their lovely tweeds to make our signature dog product, as well as some rose brooches. The super elegant results can now be found on sale in the Edinburgh and Covent Garden WS shops. Check it out! Walker Slater have said “Walker Slater really like our small venture with the Grassmarket Project we want to do more !”


We Introduced Greyfriars Tartan to the Korean Social Enterprise Scene

Korean Social Enterprise is certainly an up – and – coming scene. Through a partnership with the British Council, our Chief Executive Jonny Kinross was able to travel there and introduce our very own Greyfriars Tartan. What a proud moment, marked with a selfie: Say cheeeese!



We are saying good bye to 2016 with a lot of smiles and much satisfaction with what we have achieved. We want to thank you so much for your support and wish you a Merry Christmas, and a prosperous 2017.


A New Experience

A New Experience

Our members have grabbed the opportunity to gain some new experience in the last months. Not only have they been making our beautiful products, but they have also been serving customers and selling them.


They have been out at makers’ markets and fairs introducing their hard work to the general public. Sales and customer service are both very valuable skills, which have helped increase our members’ confidence, as well as their employability. We are delighted with their hard work, and also extremely proud!


A hundred Dogs for a Special Customer

A hundred Dogs for a Special Customer

In March this year, we were honoured to host  Nicola Sturgeon on a very special visit to  the Grassmarket Community Project. It’s not every day you get to hang out with the First Minister! She came and spent time in each area of our project, and was – of course- introduced to members of our Tartan Team. How excited do you think we were, when we received an order for one hundred dogs from her? That’s right! One hundred! Our members got straight to work, and worked incredibly hard to fulfil the order.

dogs - Copy

Of course this was not their first experience with working for the Scottish Parliament: In 2014 they were equally delighted to be making products from the Parliament’s own tartan.  They did great then, and they have done great now, as Nicola’s office  gave the following feedback:

“Nicola is delighted with these products. Thank you.”

A job well done by our members!