Berries & Cherries, The Scottish Parliament and World Peace

What do all these have in common? They are all Tartans, and our members have been using them to create beautiful products!

A few months ago, we decided to expand the range of tartans we work with. That was when we partnered up with The Scottish Parliament. We agreed to make gorgeous products out of their gorgeous tartan. All were delighted with the result, and the products are now on sale at the Parliament Building gift shop.

parliament tartan dogs

We then embarked upon making a batch of products out of all types of tartans for the Stirling Highland Games. Among others, we used the beautiful predominantly blue World Peace Tartan, and also the classic red Royal Stewart Tartan.

world peace royal stewart

royal stewart

Last week, the gorgeous Berries & Cherries Tartan was launched in Blairgowrie. We had a part to play in the event. Apart from visiting, tasting the delicious berries and cherries, and introducing our project, we also made a range of lovely items out of the cloth. It was great to see how a tartan can bring together a community, much like Greyfriars Tartan has played a huge part in our own community journey. (See Greyfriars Tartan Fashion Show)

berries and cherries bags

berries purses

We are excited about this new way of working with other tartans as well as our own. We would love to hear from you if you have your own tartan and would like to get some products made, or even if you fancy something made out of your favourite well-known tartan!